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The following is only applicable to Brunei and Singapore shipping.

Our main courier service/product for Brunei and Singapore based customer is Pos Malaysia/International Small Packet (product herein refer to the shipping package offered by the courier e.g.: FlexiPack, International Air Mail, Express Mail Service, etc. and service refer to logistic process and work provided by a courier company). The shipping cost for this product is shown as in table below and detail information on product/service offered can be viewed here.

Parcel WeightZone 1 Rate (RM)Online Tracking (RM)Total Shipping Cost (RM)
250 g and below12.004.6016.60
251 g to 500 g20.004.6024.60
501 g to 1.0 kg28.004.6032.60
1.001 kg to 1.5 kg34.004.6038.60
1.501 kg to 2.0 kg39.004.6043.60

Source - Pos Malaysia

The maximum weight limit for this product/services is up to 2.0 kg. If your order had exceeded the limit given, we will no longer be able to ship the goods using the mentioned product and will proceed to change it to another suitable product provided by Pos Malaysia (or other courier of our selection). For this, we will require an advance payment as listed in table below in which will be automatically charged to you at checkout point. 

Parcel WeightTotal Advance Shipping Cost (RM)
2.001 kg to 3.5 kg60.00
3.501 kg and above100.00

Upon your order confirmation, we will manually determine and select the suitable shipping package/product based on the total weight of your order before posting them to your designated address. The cost variation (if any) - determined from final cost incurred to us by the courier, will be credited to your account within 5 days upon shipping and included in your invoice.

Alternatively, if you plan to purchase in bulk or wholesale, please contact us at [email protected].


No handling charge will be incurred to you for the above process.

Online tracking is compulsory.

Other conditions stipulated in our Shipping Policy and Return and Refund Policy are still applicable.

First Issued - Aug 2018